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Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle
Lapostolle Casa Carmenere 2010"Chilean by Nature, French by Design" is the motto of Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle (photo), which has founded in 1994, the Chilean Lapostolle winery. As a winemaking consultant she hired the most famous winemaker in the world - the Frenchman Michel Rolland. Lapostolle wines combine the ripe fruit, the concentrated aroma and powerful character of their Chilean homeland, with a high degree of harmony and elegance of French wines. The Casa Carmenère has a deep violet-red color with purple hues. In the first nose-intensive and complex aromas of white pepper and red fruit - then enter flavors of plums and black cherries with hints of sweet spices in the foreground. On the palate lush tannin structure and balance of soft, fresh fruit flavors on the finish.

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